Thursday, March 25, 2010

People First by SURN Coordinator Jennifer Hindman is Featured on Another Blog

Educators have great ideas and many have a passion for cultivating powerful learning experiences for students. Early in my career, I figured out that if I shared my experiences with other teachers and they shared theirs with me then even more students benefited. My friend and colleague, Angie Seiders, did the same. Over the years we've presented on a variety of topics. A common thread through all the topics was our ability to work well with others. Through caring about people first, we found that positive change occurred in our schools and departments. Angie began presenting a series of "lifesavers for administrators" these "lifesavers" were the foundations of how she built relationships with stakeholders that in turn translated into student success. In 2007, Angie and I started drafting a book which was ultimately published in 2009. I was asked as series of questions about the People First which appear on the Eye on Education blog for today and tomorrow.

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